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  Professional solution for secure data transfers
  release 4.02

Data exchanges between internal servers as well as for communication with external partners are increasing.

XcMon is a data exchange supervisor allowing to secure and automate multiple and simultaneous data transfers between multiple servers.
XcMon is specially designed to manage standard FTP/FTPS protocols and provide the necessary functions for a professional management of data exchanges activity across multiple sites.

XcMon can be used according to partner’s context using three simultaneous modes :

  • ‘Peer to Peer’ mode : communication from XcMon server to XcMon server.
  • ‘ Client/Server’ mode : communication from secure XcLft client (with free licence) to XcMon server.
  • ‘ Foreign’ mode : communication from XcMon server to remote FTP/FTPS servers without remote installation
XcMon is available for the most installed operating systems : Windows, Unix, Linux, Novell Netware, IBM iSeries (OS400), IBM zSeries (OS390), BULL (GCOS).

XcMon release 4.02 is available for download


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  Data exchanges security
  • High level of security for access rights and "Login/Password" management.
  • Multi-protocol support FTP and FTPS (SSL/TLS).
    Strong authentication for servers and clients using X509v3 certificates.
  • SSL encryption (RSA, DH, AES, DES, 3DES, RC2, RC4).
  • Compression and encryption without SSL (integrated PKI).
  • Guaranty of delivery with exchange persistency, acknowledgement and automatic retries.
  • Management of unavailable servers with automatic backup and cluster support
  Data exchanges Automation
  • XcMon provide a full set of functions allowing for a total automation of submission, control and post-transfer procedures.
  • XcMon include a message management (MOM) allowing for automatic remote actions between servers.
  • XcMon has advanced functions for data exchanges supervision, events log, history management and automatic alerts on exchange failure.
  • XcMon include the graphical operator XcWop for centralized administration of remote XcMon server
  Immediate benefits
  • XcMon don’t impose any modification of FTP/FTPS environment and can be easily integrated with any applications on any servers.
  • XcMon use standard communication protocols for data exchanges without any constraint with multiple partners.
  • XcMon is a strong economical solution that reduce the cost of deployment and maintenance of data exchanges.

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