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WinGid is a user-friendly software application package for Windows. It provides all authorized computer users with the opportunity to automatically or manually manage documents and printouts issued from computing processes.
The documents managed by WinGid can be contained in files stored in a local directory or can be imported from remote systems.

  Main functions  
  • Assumes automatic control of documents, managing versions and filing.
  • Onscreen viewing of documents, with the possibility of character string searches.
  • Total or partial printing depending on the document setup (printer choice, fonts, characters, background, etc. ).
  • Application management : Creates personalized windows automatically associated to documents using a graphical editor. This allows document-specific information to be defined in a user-friendly interface. These redefined documents can be either displayed or printed.
  • Page background management : Creates customized conditions automatically associated to documents allowing the presentation of these documents to be redefined using a graphical editor.
  • Configurable conversion module used to manage formatting or specific character code sets.
  • Automatic event logging, recording the complete history of documents.
  • Tele-configuration of documents and forms.
  • WinGid saves all information necessary for document management in a database.
  • A validation system ensures secure access to documents and organizes a hierarchy system for controlled access to the different WinGid functions