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Action Soft offers a large range of products whose reliability is recognized by professionals of large information systems.


Data exchanges between internal servers as well as for communication with external partners are increasing.
XcMon is a data exchange supervisor allowing to secure and automate multiple and simultaneous data transfers between multiple servers.
XcMon is specially designed to manage standard IP protocols (FTP/FTPS,HTTP/HTTPS) and provide the necessary functions for a professional management of data exchanges activity across multiple sites.

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Automation and management of printing for networks of office workstations in Windows.
WinGid is a user-friendly software application package for Windows. It provides all authorized computer users with the opportunity to automatically or manually manage documents and printouts issued from computing processes.

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Solution InterAct

The Workstation is the largest, still untapped, source of IT optimization.

According to Gartner Group
" The average TCO of a work station ranges between 5.000$ and 10.000$ per annum. The IT departments could save up to 42% of this cost. The effort is completely reasonable."

InterAct is the leading software in technical, financial and environmental optimization of the workstation.

A simple and quickly operational solution
InterAct collects, aggregates and analyzes performance, inventory, consumption and usage data from all the networked workstations. Data is based on the actual business users activity. This passive agent patented technology offers a detailed and continuous vision of the quality of service actually delivered by IT to the business. A unique and immediate way to identify potential sources of technical, financial and environmental optimization (InterAct by Serden is a member of the global initiative Climate Savers Computing).

InterAct is implemented in a few days (parameter settings and deployment of a MSI package) and requires a light administration. The first improvements are visible in a few weeks and the return on investment is lower than 12 months. InterAct has a very low impact on the workstation (silent agent consuming less than 0.5% CPU) and on the network (around 40KB by workstation per day). The savings range from 80 to 500€ per workstation and per annum.

A modular architecture
InterAct is based on a modular architecture, offering the best solution for each customer based on its specific environment, constraints and objectives. Based on feature-rich foundation (IA-Foundation), the InterAct solution counts five complementary optional modules.

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Action Soft is the solution provider of over 90% of French users of Bull GCOS8 technology with a large range of system software (SARD8, DTP8, VIEW, ...).

SARD8 is used for the ultra-rapid backup and restoration of all files and F.M.S. structures on one or several disks.

Determined by its external configuration, DTP8 provides valuable help in both development environments as well as in TP8 transactions.
In TSS, VIEW is an ultra-rapid interactive tool, which displays real-time information concerning the environment and system performance.

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