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  Publisher of multi-platform system software
  XcMon 4.02

Action Soft is a system software company dedicated to optimizing and automating business data-processing.
To this end, Action Soft is specialized in the design, development and marketing of system software packages.
Action Soft offers a large range of products whose reliability is recognized by professionals of large information systems.
Action Soft provides maintenance and technical support for all of its products, guaranteeing the durability of its solutions.
Action Soft is the supplier of a substantial clientele, primarily made up of large French and foreign companies using large scale multi-platform IT systems, in all professional domains (Civil service, Insurance, Banking, Industry, Service, Transport).
Action Soft is represented by a network of international partners for the distribution of its solutions.
Action Soft provides technical and organizational solutions for multi-platform data processing.


XcMon release 4.02 is available for download